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$600                                                     Oregon School Employees Association                              April 26, 2024 The North Clackamas School District chapter of OSEA will award four scholarships to graduating seniors desiring further education at any community college, vocational school, or four-year university. Requirements include: parent or guardian is a classified employee employed by North Clackamas School District. Find the application HERE.


$500                                                     CHS ELD Scholarship                                                      April 26, 2024 There is one scholarship available to a senior English Language Development student graduating from Clackamas High School and planning to attend a community college or university in the fall of 2019. Applicants must have volunteered in the Clackamas High School’s community or the greater Clackamas area’s community, achieved academic and linguistic success in the classroom, and helped other English language learners achieve academic and linguistic success in the classroom. Find the application HERE.


$500-$1,000                                          Drama Scholarship                                                           April 26, 2024 Involvement in the Clackamas High School Drama program, on stage, backstage, and in classes. Special consideration will be given to a student who intends to continue performance-related studies in college. 2.5 GPA. Letter of recommendation from CHS staff member or community member. Find the application HERE.


$500 - $1000                                        The CHS Kindness Scholarship                                        April 26, 2024 This scholarship is designed to recognize seniors who have shown uncommon kindness and character above and beyond what one would expect from a high school senior. Requires a letter of recommendation from a staff member, two essays, and a list of activities. No GPA requirement. Potential for an interview. Find the application HERE.


$500                                                     Cavalier Lacrosse Club Scholarship                                  April 26, 2024 This scholarship is for a senior boy with at least two years of participation in the CHS Lacrosse Club program – at least one year at the varsity level. Requires a minimum GPA of 2.50. Community/volunteer service considered. Essay required. Find the application HERE.


$500-$1,500                                          Josh Critchett Memorial Scholarship                                April 26, 2024 Seniors with strong involvement in church and a GPA of 2.5 or higher is required. Financial need, leadership, honors and awards, activity participation, and work and/or volunteer experience are also considered. Two letters of recommendation: one from CHS staff or community members and one from a pastor or youth minister. Essay required. Application is available on Naviance or


$1000/year                                           Sandi DePaepe Memorial Scholarship                               April 26, 2024 Available to a Clackamas High School senior. Priority is given to those who have utilized ASPIRE services and demonstrate financial need. Min GPA 2.5. Essay and letters of recommendation are required. Application and instructions can be found on the NCEF website:


$1,250                                                  North Clackamas Education Foundation                          April 26, 2024 There are several more scholarships available. To be eligible, you must have at least a 2.5 GPA, and plan to attend an accredited regional college or vocational school. Applicants must have a valid Social Security number. Applications are available online at


$3000                                                   Sun Glow Heating Athlete of the Year                               May 21, 2024 This scholarship is for students who have been recognized as an Athlete of the Week by SunGlow Heating & Cooling. It will recognize students' character, athleticism, and academics. Materials required include a reference from the coach and also a CHS staff member. Essay required: "What High School sports have meant to me". One page length. Find the application HERE.
Email application to Mrs. Nelson at: