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Password Change for Students

Password Change for Students


Cyber attacks against school districts are becoming increasingly common, especially as we become more reliant on digital tools and curriculum. These attacks can endanger students, staff, sensitive data, and critical systems.  

In order to continue protecting you and all our students, we are changing the minimum length of passwords.


Beginning Monday, April 17th minimum password length is increasing from 8 to 12 characters.


  • One added benefit to this password-related backend change is that users no longer need to be inside the district's network to update their password. Passwords can now be updated from home or anywhere else with Internet access.
  • You have until Monday, May 15th to change your password. At that time, those that have not changed their passwords will have their account locked.

Working together we can minimize cybersecurity risks and further protect each other, our data, and our systems. Thank you for your cooperation!

Password Change Instructions:

[1] To change your password, please visit our User Management website

[2] Once on the User Management website, type your email address and current email password into the Sign In form, and then press 'Sign in".

Graphic showing where to sign in


***If you have changed your password in the past, please click on the "Change Password" menu item and then go to Step [7] in the steps below.***
[3] Once you are signed in, you must create a Password Reset Question before you can change your password. Click on the 'Update Password Reset Info' link.
Graphic showing how to create a password reset question


[4] Then press the button labeled 'New Question'.

Graphicc showing how to press the button labeled 'New Question'.


[5] Select a question from the menu, provide your answer, and confirm it.

Graphic asking to select a question from a menu


[6] After you have created a password reset question, you should see the question you selected in the menu. Now you can change your password by clicking on the 'Change Password' button above.

 Now you can change your password by clicking on the 'Change Password' button above.


[7] To change your password, type in your current password, then enter your new password, and confirm it. Once all three fields are filled in, click the 'Change' button at the bottom to save your new password.

Photo of the steps tp change your password.


[8] Once you have changed your password, press the 'Sign Out' link at the top right.