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Forecasting & Course Catalog

Forecasting Overview

Forecasting is the process which starts every January, where students, in conjunction with their parents/guardians, teachers, and counselor, look over courses offered for their next grade level and choose classes to take the following year based on their interests and future goals.

Why is forecasting so important?

The class preference data gathered during forecasting is used to plan courses, staffing, and scheduling for the entire following school year. This means it is critical that students take forecasting seriously and are purposeful in their choices so that we can better prepare to offer students what they have requested.

The Clackamas HS Course Catalog

The Clackamas High School Course Catalog is a document including information regarding: academic policies, Advanced Placement (AP) and college credit classes, diploma types, and course descriptions. This catalog will help assist students in their course selections and help with planning their high school educational path and beyond.

Forecasting Timeline

Current 08th graders

OPENS: March 1st
CLOSES: March 5th


Current 09th graders

  • Opens: February 12th/13th
  • Closes: FEBRUARY 20th

Current 10th graders

  • Opens: February  8th/9th
  • Closes: February  14th

Current 11th graders

  • Opens: February  14th/15th
  • Closes: At appointment with counselor (by March 7th)

Graduation Requirements

Google Forecasting Forms & Videos